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Environmental and Ethical Decision Making in Irish Food Business Report


The Fumbally commissioned an independent report on the impact the decisions of food business owners have on the environment. The research was carried out by Tom O’Dea and supported by 28 Irish food business. The report was made in conjunction with a workshop event.

The research was undertaken in order to simply try and navigate through the masses of mixed messages that we all receive around what is ‘the right thing’ to do in the face of Climate Change and the future of our industry. A better understanding of the complexities of supply chain and production methods for some of the simple daily choices like imported or local tomatoes, ultimately leads to better decision making.

The identity compromised of simplicity in shape, colour and varied use of typography size. This made the report look clean, important and visually interesting. I created a grid that worked to communicate the text information and graphs. A series of graphs were made to compare results between 5 key categories and to communicate findings from the workshop polls. I played with typography size to emphasis certain important information. Large quotes on separate pages were spread throughout the design which showed quotes from the workshop. Red was the key colour to inform about the workshop and it’s findings. A series of icon-like illustrations were used to introduce new chapters, and also used on the report cover.

You can read the report here: www.eat-ith.com/report